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    #DELTAPROUD in Boston

    I just came back from our annual Global Sales Conference in Boston last week and it reminded me about how much I love the people I work with and being able to connect with my big Delta family! There were definitely some great speakers and events, but I think I enjoyed just talking (and dancing haha) with everyone the most šŸ™‚ As always on my travels, I try to seek out (1) good and (mostly;) healthy gluten-free food, (2) a great workout ā€“ whether outside or at a local gym, and (3) new experiences or sites in the city Iā€™m visiting! This was my first time in Boston city proper…

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    Sweet Green Egg Scramble

    I found my new favorite breakfast! It may look a little crazy, but try not to judge until you try;) All you need is the following: 3/4c liquid egg whites 1 banana Lotsa spinach (1-2c depending on personal preference) Vanilla and cinnamon to taste Put all ingredients in a blender. Then scramble on a skillet. Once cooked through (there will be a little excess water from the spinach), I like to mix in 1T of almond butter and you’re done! Here’s the approximate nutrition breakdown: 310 calories 33g carbs 9g fat 27g protein You can up your healthy fats by adding more nut butter or decrease carbs by using a…

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    The Salad Hash

    I almost always bring my lunch to work. And it almost always is a salad made up of random leftovers that I think might taste good together haha. I like to call it “The Salad Hash.” Today’s consisted of: Spinach Arugula Beef burger Roasted brussels sprouts Carmelized onions Avocado Goat cheese Balsamic vinegar I never know quite how it’s going to turn out, but I must say this one was exceptional:)