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    #DELTAPROUD in Boston

    I just came back from our annual Global Sales Conference in Boston last week and it reminded me about how much I love the people I work with and being able to connect with my big Delta family! There were definitely some great speakers and events, but I think I enjoyed just talking (and dancing haha) with everyone the most 🙂 As always on my travels, I try to seek out (1) good and (mostly;) healthy gluten-free food, (2) a great workout – whether outside or at a local gym, and (3) new experiences or sites in the city I’m visiting! This was my first time in Boston city proper…

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    The Salad Hash

    I almost always bring my lunch to work. And it almost always is a salad made up of random leftovers that I think might taste good together haha. I like to call it “The Salad Hash.” Today’s consisted of: Spinach Arugula Beef burger Roasted brussels sprouts Carmelized onions Avocado Goat cheese Balsamic vinegar I never know quite how it’s going to turn out, but I must say this one was exceptional:)

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    Raw Kale Avocado Salad

    This is one of my favorite kale recipes because it is so simple, yet so good. I always get lots of kale in my produce box, so I need other ways to use it besides juicing! And I usually don’t plan ahead very well, so this works perfect for that, since I most likely have all the ingredients already:)   All you need is: Bunch of kale Avocado Balsamic vinegar Lemon juice Dried cranberries (or raisins, etc) Sliced nuts or seeds (optional but good) – I usually do almonds or pumpkin seeds Veggies (optional but good) – I add whatever I have on hand, usually tomato, bell pepper or shredded carrots All of…

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    The Brake Pad – Best Lunch Spot near the Airport

    I rarely eat out for lunch while at work, but when I do, I love when they let me pick the place because that means we’re going to the Brake Pad haha. There are not many healthy, gluten-free friendly restaurants near the airport, so my choices are somewhat limited as is, however Brake Pad is definitely an exception! It’s located on Main Street in historic downtown College Park and occupies an old gas station (hence the name;) It has a great patio and I was lucky that it was warm enough the other day to sit outside and catch some sun! I order the same thing every time. Actually. The entire menu is delicious,…