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    The Salad Hash

    I almost always bring my lunch to work. And it almost always is a salad made up of random leftovers that I think might taste good together haha. I like to call it “The Salad Hash.” Today’s consisted of: Spinach Arugula Beef burger Roasted brussels sprouts Carmelized onions Avocado Goat cheese Balsamic vinegar I never know quite how it’s going to turn out, but I must say this one was exceptional:)

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    The Brake Pad – Best Lunch Spot near the Airport

    I rarely eat out for lunch while at work, but when I do, I love when they let me pick the place because that means we’re going to the Brake Pad haha. There are not many healthy, gluten-free friendly restaurants near the airport, so my choices are somewhat limited as is, however Brake Pad is definitely an exception! It’s located on Main Street in historic downtown College Park and occupies an old gas station (hence the name;) It has a great patio and I was lucky that it was warm enough the other day to sit outside and catch some sun! I order the same thing every time. Actually. The entire menu is delicious,…