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    Top Songs for the Week of July 10

    You know those weeks when your Discover Weekly playlist is just so on point?? They’re the best right? Yeah, this week was one of those. And that made me excited. Because who doesn’t love new good songs 🙂 It was tough, but here are my top 10 picks from this weeks discovery: #10. Beg, Steal, Borrow by Colton Avery #9. Please by Jordan Parker #8. Future by Transviolet #7. Bulletproof by Griffin Oskar #6. Pretty Girl – Ye Remix by Maggie Lindemann #5. Karma by Marky Style, Guy Gabriel and Roxanne #4. Parachute by Joshua Micah #3. Come First – Ryan Riback Mix by Terror J and Ryan Riback #2. WILD – Young Bombs Remix by Troy Sivan,…

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    It’s not there, it’s here

    I was doing a personal reflection today on the appeal of traveling. And why I feel the desire to get away. Well, besides the obvious of the world being so COOL! Here is my list (as recorded on an iphone note, along with hundreds of other ideas). The appeal: Moving / walking around outside all day, every day Being in nature Staying in cute, clean, simple homes Meeting new people Seeing new and beautiful places The joy of discovery Experiencing and learning about different cultures Eating healthy food Having minimal belongings Rest Living in flow No expectations of me, no one I need to see, nothing I have to do…

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    A day in savannah

    For one, I need to stop waiting until midnight to write. Not very good for my health and sleep habits! But, I did have a late flight back to MN, thus a late dinner and also late-ish ice cream at GOC (aka Grand ‘Ole Creamery in middle school acronyms). I was a little disappointed that their butter pecan wasn’t quite as good as the ones I tried in the Southeast. After a treacherous drive in some seriously torrential storms, we made it to Savannah. After lots of dining out, the perfect dinner was put together from a natural foods market, Brighter Day, in the form of salad (box of mixed…

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    Last day in Charleston + a career conversation

    Last day in Charleston + Meaningful Career Conversation Finally wrapped up an incredible long weekend in Charleston today (only to get one more day in Savannah with my friend Claire 🙂 ). It’s times like these that remind me of the importance of slowing down and making time to be with the people I love. They are truly what add value to my life, no matter how much the outside world may push other things on us as being more “important”. Furthermore, creating that space to open up deeper conversation, is so special. It’s easy to get caught up in catching up, without allowing more meaningful issues to come up…

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    The ultimate girls weekend in Charleston 

    As you have read up til now, Charleston can be a pretty sweet spot for a girls weekend. I am so blessed to have a some amazing childhood friends who all get together each year for a special trip. The first two years were cabin locales in Madeline Island and the Tennessee mountains. This is year three (or our reunions). And day three (of Charleston). Also celebrating all of our 30th birthdays. So basically it keeps getting better. Sunday brunch: Stella’s, a super cute and delicious Greek cafe. With a super cute and delicious waiter (just kidding, sort of). Everyone’s dish was great. I got the vegetarian poached eggs, which…

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    The next best things in Charleston

    Day number 2 continued in good fashion. #3. Folly beach. Go before 10am for no traffic. Wear sunscreen. Get a post-swim juice or smoothie at the Juice Joint truck. My choice? The Beach Bum (fitting right?), with pineapple, mango and banana, subbing almond milk instead of OJ (less sugar), adding spinach and hemp seeds. It was AHmazing. #4. Dinner and drinks. Fig and Husk. Can’t go wrong. #5. Dancing! Obviously. Head to The Commodore. There’s a smoke machine. It gets a bit crowded and you will likely get a drink spilled on you (wear crappy shoes). And the best part is a live band mixing TLC’s No Scrubs with Usher,…

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    The two best things to do in Charleston

    I did some awesome things in Charleston, SC this weekend. So far #1: Harborview boat cruise. Bret was the bomb and knew so much history and even told us about a man who died. And showed us dolphins! Though the sighting was guaranteed, so good thing he pulled through. #2: Minero had the best pens (and chips and guac) AND the best carafes of margaritas. Which I am drinking right now, if you can’t tell. Ha. Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend with friends! Yours jenuinely, xoxo

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    My 30 day challenge: Writing

    Day 1 of 30: New York, New York The internal compass + creating space for action You know that question you’ve been struggling with lately? That you keep searching to find the answer to and just want someone to tell you? Well, the difficult but incredibly liberating truth, is that we already know the answer. Deep down, it’s always there, if we pause to listen to ourselves and the universe. With so many distractions and messages being pushed on us these days, it’s hard to put up a wall and look inside. But I find it almost funny how, by putting our energy and dilemnas out into the universe, it…

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    Dancing: a gift, a mirror and a window

    I have always loved to dance. From youth ballet classes at the local Linwood Recreation Center, to dancing around the living room with my dad to classic oldies records, choreographing dances to *NSYNC songs with my friend (I still know every lyric), LOTS of family weddings (what happens when you have over 40 cousins), and really any chance I could. But as I grew up, I grew further away from it, as sports took a more prominent role in my life. After high school, I had google searched places to re-learn dance on numerous occasions – ballroom, salsa, swing – you name it. But I never seemed to have the energy or time…

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    Black, Tan, and Tee

    When I was young, I thought you could never wear black and brown together. That was against the rule. Those were two separate colors that kept their distance. You could choose to go with blacks OR browns. Well, one thing I’ve learned is that some rules are made to be broken, or rather unlearned and re-defined. Because black and brown can definitely work. My preference being a lighter or warmer shade of brown to give a nice contrast. I ventured on a sunny walk along the Mississippi and to one of my new favorite cafes (Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar) in this combo. And yes, they have gluten-free friendly waffles 🙂…