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    Jackson Hole for the Soul

    I feel very lucky to have had a quick work trip to beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The second you step off the plane and breathe the fresh mountain air as you are surrounded by wilderness, your soul feels happy. Mine certainly was :). As always in my travels, I love finding hidden gems with delicious gluten free food and opportunities to move my body in new and ever evolving ways. Jackson Hole did not disappoint. I landed starving as I forgot to set my alarm and had to rush to the airport (typical), which didn’t allow me to have a delicious, fulfilling breakfast (very NOT typical ;)). After checking in at my hotel right…

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    #DELTAPROUD in Boston

    I just came back from our annual Global Sales Conference in Boston last week and it reminded me about how much I love the people I work with and being able to connect with my big Delta family! There were definitely some great speakers and events, but I think I enjoyed just talking (and dancing haha) with everyone the most 🙂 As always on my travels, I try to seek out (1) good and (mostly;) healthy gluten-free food, (2) a great workout – whether outside or at a local gym, and (3) new experiences or sites in the city I’m visiting! This was my first time in Boston city proper…

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    Scotchie Bars: A Childhood and Midwest Staple

    Since I’m terrible at sleeping in these days, I figured I might as well be productive this morning and bring back a childhood classic in the form of “Scotchie Bars”…essentially peanut butter rice crispies with chocolate, but so much more than that haha. They constituted almost every birthday “cake” in my family growing up (our choosing), unless we could get ice cream cake. Then that would usually win. After moving South, I was shocked that no one here had ever even heard of them! Thus they were introduced:) By now I know the recipe by heart, but here it is if you want to give it a try: Scotchie Bars…

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    Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Pancakes (with Chocolate Chips of course)

    Here’s a new pancake recipe I tried because I had cottage cheese in the fridge I wanted to use up…and who doesn’t like pancakes?!? This was super simple, clean, high in protein and not overly sweet, which works well for me:) Although I did add chocolate chips…of course. But you could try a variety of additions…blueberries, bananas, apples, etc. Ingredients: 1c egg whites 1c cottage cheese (I like Nancy’s Organic Cottage Cheese because it was the only one I could find without any additives or thickeners! It only contains the following – Organic skim milk, organic cream, organic nonfat dry milk, L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, and 4 strains of lactic cultures,…

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    Sweet Green Egg Scramble

    I found my new favorite breakfast! It may look a little crazy, but try not to judge until you try;) All you need is the following: 3/4c liquid egg whites 1 banana Lotsa spinach (1-2c depending on personal preference) Vanilla and cinnamon to taste Put all ingredients in a blender. Then scramble on a skillet. Once cooked through (there will be a little excess water from the spinach), I like to mix in 1T of almond butter and you’re done! Here’s the approximate nutrition breakdown: 310 calories 33g carbs 9g fat 27g protein You can up your healthy fats by adding more nut butter or decrease carbs by using a…

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    Simple Tuna Salad

    I’ve been in a little time crunch lately (or is that always? haha), so I needed something quick but healthy for lunch today…bring on a basic tuna salad – fast, simple and high in protein! The general structure I follow for any tuna salad is: Canned (or fresh cooked) tuna – I used Trader Joe’s No Salt Added (you can also substitute chicken, tofu, etc) ***1 – 4oz can contains 26g of protein with only 120 calories and 70mg of sodium! Veggies – I used Trader Joe’s Healthy 8 Chopped Veggie Mix, which has red and green cabbage, carrots, broccoli, jicama, bell peppers, radishes and celery (using diced celery and red or green onion…

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    Crafty Snacking

    This weekend I was out of town, so my eating routine gets a little thrown off, but such is life! I’ve been really hungry lately with doing more heavy lifting, so I picked up a few snacks from the grocery store to hold me over between meals. My main purchases were Van’s Ancient Grains Gluten Free Frozen Waffles (The best I’ve ever tried! See nutritional information below), Chobani greek yogurts and bacon…plus some spinach, green onions and goat cheese to scramble with eggs:) One of my creative snacks was a frozen waffle topped with natural crunchy peanut butter and bacon…carbs, fats and protein all in one and it was delicious!   Van’s Ancient Grains Gluten…

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    Panera’s Hidden Menu: A Gluten-free Goldmine!

    Having celiac disease and not being able to eat gluten makes it a little difficult to eat out at times when I’m on the go. But there are always options! When I think of Panera I almost immediately go straight to those delicious cinnamon crunch bagels. But those are unfortunately rather glutinous haha. I didn’t think they would have anything I could eat besides a few salads, but then discovered Panera’s “Hidden Menu”. It features several power breakfast bowls full of protein, veggies and gluten-free goodness! With traveling this weekend, I needed a spot to set up my computer to work, while also grabbing breakfast since I was up at…

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    The Salad Hash

    I almost always bring my lunch to work. And it almost always is a salad made up of random leftovers that I think might taste good together haha. I like to call it “The Salad Hash.” Today’s consisted of: Spinach Arugula Beef burger Roasted brussels sprouts Carmelized onions Avocado Goat cheese Balsamic vinegar I never know quite how it’s going to turn out, but I must say this one was exceptional:)

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    The Best Coffee Alternative

    I love the taste of coffee, but my body is really sensitive to substances of any kind, including caffeine:/ So there are days when I will treat myself to a hot cup of coffee and deal with the jitters, but I can only handle so much before it starts affecting my sleep! And I need my sleep haha. So I started looking into coffee alternatives and first learned about “herbal coffee”, generally composed of dandelion root and/or chicory root. They are both rich in vitamins and minerals, non-acidic, contain antioxidants, boost your digestive and liver functions, and are supposed to taste similar to coffee. Sounds good right?! So I bought some already ground…