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    The two best things to do in Charleston

    I did some awesome things in Charleston, SC this weekend. So far #1: Harborview boat cruise. Bret was the bomb and knew so much history and even told us about a man who died. And showed us dolphins! Though the sighting was guaranteed, so good thing he pulled through. #2: Minero had the best pens (and chips and guac) AND the best carafes of margaritas. Which I am drinking right now, if you can’t tell. Ha. Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend with friends! Yours jenuinely, xoxo

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    A Reflection of Travels

    I’ve been traveling now for over 3 months and I have learnt so much. About different places, people, cultures and certainly myself. I am still struggling to articulate what it means to me, but want to share some of my reflections below. I think a big thing I’ve had to overcome is the idea that I need to be accomplishing something with my trip. As in, why am I here? Why am I doing this? What’s the POINT? The point is that there is that there doesn’t need to be a point. That it’s okay to just live and experience life. I’ve come a long way in being able to…

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    Travel Jenuinely (and Gluten Free!): Amsterdam

    Landing in Amsterdam, I felt a calm sense of familiarity and ease. It was the perfect way to kick off my European journey. With no set agenda besides enjoying this beautiful city, I was looking forward to wandering (and biking) the canal-lined streets, catching up with a few friends, running through Vondelpark, eating gluten free pancakes and much more. I find my travel style to be less about seeing as much as possible, but rather experiencing the energy, lifestyle and soul of a place. Which tends to lead to a lot of aimless wandering, although especially in the direction of gluten-free treats or green smoothies (all about balance haha), vintage…

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    Maderas Magic: Jungle Waves 2016

    I couldn’t be more grateful that my personal retreat turned out to be two weeks in Nicaragua, one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever traveled to, and with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Not knowing what to expect, I made the following (unedited!) goals for myself going into the trip: Disconnect from technology – connect with people Free form movement – daily yoga and ocean swim Be true to myself – beautiful, radiant, loving – open and not intimidated Fear less, love more Be present, in the moment, feel Listen to my heart and gut Breathe deep and relax Remember why life is beautiful…

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    Jackson Hole for the Soul

    I feel very lucky to have had a quick work trip to beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The second you step off the plane and breathe the fresh mountain air as you are surrounded by wilderness, your soul feels happy. Mine certainly was :). As always in my travels, I love finding hidden gems with delicious gluten free food and opportunities to move my body in new and ever evolving ways. Jackson Hole did not disappoint. I landed starving as I forgot to set my alarm and had to rush to the airport (typical), which didn’t allow me to have a delicious, fulfilling breakfast (very NOT typical ;)). After checking in at my hotel right…

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    #DELTAPROUD in Boston

    I just came back from our annual Global Sales Conference in Boston last week and it reminded me about how much I love the people I work with and being able to connect with my big Delta family! There were definitely some great speakers and events, but I think I enjoyed just talking (and dancing haha) with everyone the most 🙂 As always on my travels, I try to seek out (1) good and (mostly;) healthy gluten-free food, (2) a great workout – whether outside or at a local gym, and (3) new experiences or sites in the city I’m visiting! This was my first time in Boston city proper…