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    The two sides of quitting

    Quit. The word naturally carries a somewhat negative connotation, and yet, is it really so bad? I’d like to explore and share my thoughts on the two sides of quitting. In the “classic” sense, quitting is considered bad, as in you didn’t work hard enough or try hard enough. It’s associated with weakness and lack of discipline or grit. It’s synonymous with giving up. However, in another way, quitting is a very powerful way to honor your truth. It can be a sign of strength. When you quit, stop doing, something that is no longer serving you (or maybe never has). To quit is to change, and change is needed…

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    The two best things to do in Charleston

    I did some awesome things in Charleston, SC this weekend. So far #1: Harborview boat cruise. Bret was the bomb and knew so much history and even told us about a man who died. And showed us dolphins! Though the sighting was guaranteed, so good thing he pulled through. #2: Minero had the best pens (and chips and guac) AND the best carafes of margaritas. Which I am drinking right now, if you can’t tell. Ha. Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend with friends! Yours jenuinely, xoxo

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    30 years, 30 lessons

    As I turn 30, I really am amazed and proud of how much I have grown over these years. Besides the associations society attaches to age – that we should be at a certain place in life with respect to having a spouse, home, family, steady job or otherwise –  I feel younger and better than I have in years. There are always ups and downs, but none that can make up for the friendships, experiences and lessons that every year brings. Looking back, I don’t like to think of the would have, could have or should have’s because they just don’t matter. I know that everything happened as it should have, no matter how painful at…

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    What College Running Did to My Body Image

    While my experience was as a female collegiate runner, everyone faces different external standards, that often become internal standards, as to what their body should look like. I’m sharing my story in hopes to create greater awareness around what messages we promote, and inspire change in both the world of athletics and as a culture overall.  Bliss I never had any issues with my body growing up. I hardly noticed it honestly. It was just my body and it let me do a lot of fun things. Even in high school, though I probably didn’t eat the healthiest and was slightly heavier than I am now, I was really active and never wasted…

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    A Reflection of Travels

    I’ve been traveling now for over 3 months and I have learnt so much. About different places, people, cultures and certainly myself. I am still struggling to articulate what it means to me, but want to share some of my reflections below. I think a big thing I’ve had to overcome is the idea that I need to be accomplishing something with my trip. As in, why am I here? Why am I doing this? What’s the POINT? The point is that there is that there doesn’t need to be a point. That it’s okay to just live and experience life. I’ve come a long way in being able to…

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    Travel Jenuinely (and Gluten Free!): Amsterdam

    Landing in Amsterdam, I felt a calm sense of familiarity and ease. It was the perfect way to kick off my European journey. With no set agenda besides enjoying this beautiful city, I was looking forward to wandering (and biking) the canal-lined streets, catching up with a few friends, running through Vondelpark, eating gluten free pancakes and much more. I find my travel style to be less about seeing as much as possible, but rather experiencing the energy, lifestyle and soul of a place. Which tends to lead to a lot of aimless wandering, although especially in the direction of gluten-free treats or green smoothies (all about balance haha), vintage…

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    From Nutrition to Intuition

    The science behind nutrition is very important and a powerful healing mechanism. Yet we often forget another crucial piece – our own intuition and body’s innate ability to heal itself. Both have a place and purpose. Too much of a good thing is too much For 6 months, working with a functional medicine doctor, I focused on the nutrition component. This was largely centered around a limited diet (to reduce inflammation, balance bacteria, etc) and lots of supplements to support the process. In the beginning it was good and I seemed to respond well. However, over time my body began to backlash from the rigidity of the program and quantity…

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    Pelvic Health and Reconnecting with My Root

    One day, my roommate Laura sent me a Facebook event invite to a Yoga for Pelvic Health Retreat on Facebook. Yoga, pelvic health, and retreat all-in-one?? I was instantly intrigued. It was led by Casie Danenhauer, a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in LA, so I wandered over to her website to learn more. After reading her experience and holistic philosophy (including the mental/emotional impact on the pelvic bowl and health), I had a strong feeling she was the perfect fit for me. I wasn’t too familiar with pelvic floor rehab except that I was supposed to go to a program at Mayo Clinic for pelvic floor dysfunction, as diagnosed by…

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    It’s Called a Journey for a Reason

    Life’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint It can be easy to forget that life is a journey and not see the beauty in the process. Whether it’s health – overcoming chronic illness, career – identifying and achieving your dream job, fitness – getting that first pull-up or running that first race, relationship – meeting your dream guy or girl, personal – self-love and discovery, it is not a quick “fix”. In today’s world of instant gratification, with deadlines and pressure to produce, that can be a hard thing to deal with. It often leads to unrealistic expectations, short-term focus, disappointment in lack of immediate change, thinking that success or happiness…

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    My Journey to Health, Part IV: The Overhaul

    I was the Midwest good girl, straight A student, Division I athlete, MBA graduate, corporate business woman…I did everything that was asked of me and more, and look where it got me. Sick. I think sick for a reason though…I had more to learn, more to grow and more to give. My life needed a change of course. Commitment, Changes and a Support System Deciding to take a leave from work to focus 100% of my time and energy on my health was scary, but a major turning point in my life. Luckily I was building a support system around me, including incredible roommates who were so supportive of all the weird things I…